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These Reactive Dyes are based on the Vinyl Sulphonyl reactive system and posses good solution stability before addition of alkali. Thus these dyes are highly suitable for Padding process. Applied mainly by cold pad batch method as well as printing. Useful for dyeing the ground shade in discharge printing..

Color-Shade C. I. Name Color-Shade C. I. Name

Yellow 4G
Reactive Yellow 160A

Turq. Blue G
Reactive Blue 21

Yellow FG
Reactive Yellow 42

Green 6B
Reactive Blue 38

Yellow GR
Reactive Yellow 15

Blue R
Reactive Blue 19

Golden Yellow G
Reactive Yellow 17

Blue GG
Reactive Blue 203

Orange 3R
Reactive Orange 16

Navy Blue RGB
Reactive Blue 250

Orange R
Reactive Orange 78

Brown GR
Reactive Brown 18

Golden Yellow RNL
Reactive Orange 107

Black B
Reactive Black 5

Red 5B
Reactive Red 35

Black N-150
Reactive Jade Black

Red C2G
Reactive Red 106

Black GR
Reactive Jade Black

Violet 5R
Reactive Violet 5



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