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These Reactive Dyes are based on monochlorotrizinyl reactive system and are called High Exhaust Dyes i.e. they give very high degree of exhaustion at high temperature. These dyes are less sensitive to the variation in dyeing parameters like liquor ratio, temperature, salt concentration, time etc. & are used in the exhaust dyeing of Knitwear, Cellulosic, Component of PES / Cellulosic Blends etc.

Color-Shade C. I. Name Color-Shade C. I. Name

Yellow HE6G
Reactive Yellow 135

Red HE7B
Reactive Red 141

Yellow HE4G
Reactive Yellow 81

Navy Blue HERD
Reactive Blue 160

Yellow HE4R
Reactive Yellow 84

Navy Blue HER
Reactive Blue 171

Orange HER
Reactive Orange 84

Green HE4BD
Reactive Green 19

Orange HE2R
Reactive Orange 94

Black HEBL
Reactive Jade Black

Brill. Red HE3B
Reactive Red 120



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