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This Light Fast Dyestuffs are Direct Non Benzidine Dyestuffs, suitable for dyeing cotton and viscose in the form of fabric, yarn as well as loose cotton. They are also used for dyeing of Wool, Pure Silk & Leather in certain cases.

Color-Shade C. I. Name Color-Shade C. I. Name

Yellow 3GX
Direct Yellow 6

Sky Blue FF
Direct Blue 15

Yellow RF
Direct Yellow 11

Turq. Blue 5BL
Direct Blue 86

Orange 7GL
Direct Orange 34

Light Fast Blue G
Direct Blue 71

Orange SE
Direct Orange 26

Blue FBL
Direct Blue 199

Orange TGL
Direct Orange 39

Violet MB
Direct Violet 9

Scarlet 4BS
Direct Red 23

Black 2B H/C
Direct Black 22

Red 12B
Direct Red 31

Black SB
Direct Black 168

Light Fast Red 4B
Direct Red 81




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