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The following range of Acid Dyestuffs are most suitable for Dyeing of Wool, Nylon, Silk blend fiber & fabric.

  • Acid Levelling Dyes
  • Acid Milling Dyes
  • Acid 1:1 Metal Complex Dyes
  • Acid 1:2 Metal Complex Dyes

Color-Shade C. I. Name Color-Shade C. I. Name

Fast  Yellow 2GL
Acid Yellow 17

Scarlet M-L
Acid  Red 357

Milling Yellow  MG
Acid Yellow 42

Red M-BR
Acid  Red 362

Yellow GG
Acid Yellow 99

Milling  Red   10B
Acid  Violet  54

Milling  Yellow 5GN
Acid Yellow 110

Bordeaux M-B
Acid Violet  90

Yellow M3RL
Acid  Yellow  194

Dark Blue M-TR
Acid  Blue193

Yellow M-5RL
Acid Yellow 204

Black CD
Acid  Black 234

Orange  G
Acid Orange 10

Brown M-BL
Acid  Brown 355

Milling  Orange GS
Acid  Orange 56

Brown M-2RL
Acid  Brown 365

Orange  G
Acid Orange 74

Brown M-GRL
Acid  Brown 369

Orange M-RL
Acid Orange 142

Olive M-BGL
Acid  Green 104

Milling Brill. Red 3BN
Acid Red 131

Black  10BX
Acid  Black 1

Milling  Red FR
Acid Red 151

Black  WA
Acid  Black 52

Violet  Brown  B
Acid  Red 184

Black M-SRL
Acid  Black 194

Pink B
Acid  Red 186

Black M-R
Acid  Black 172

Pink BE
Acid Red 195




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